Welcome to Smart Travel Club!

Much has changed in the world. Everyone wants to be free. To enjoy life. To travel the world. Earn remotely. Here’s your chance. This is our club.
Personalised travel offers. Professional help when buying property. 5% cashback on your family trips.
50% of travel tour commissions sold through your personal recommendation.
50% of the club’s real estate agent commissions for sold property through your personal recommendation.
50% of club membership sales through your personal recommendation.
€10,000 a month is the threshold where freedom begins in your life.

Who We Are

Smart Travel Club intuitive online platform seamlessly connects travelers and travel agents with 2,500+ multi-day operators, offering 50,000+ adventures in more than 160 countries globally.

We promotes environmentally sustainable travel by enabling all travelers to view and offset the carbon impact of their adventures, and the club works tirelessly with local operators to help protect and strengthen the communities that benefit from adventure tourism.

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