Hello, we are a closed international business club “Seven Continents”. You can become a member of the club only on the recommendation of another member of the club. The club unites independent individual entrepreneurs and helps them establish themselves in the market.

The main activities of the club are the personal development of the members of the club and the development of marketing in car markets and real estate markets. All this is doing under the modern business culture and the true human values.

By becoming a member of the club, you get a unique opportunity to improve together with your team and pursue new ambitious goals. Build an international business 7/24 using all online and offline resources. Work from anywhere in the world where the internet and mobile are available. Get a good and stable enough income. Spend more time with people dear and close to yourself. Travel and enjoy the pleasures of a free life. Gain solid status and people recognition. Help people improve and achieve their goals. To fully realize yourself in this life.

If you have found something close to you here and want to know more about the activities of the club, we recommend that you read the presentation.

If you are interested in the activities of our club and want to become a member of the club, please purchase a club membership.

For more information about the club, see club presentation, FAQ or contact personal asistant for the club.


  • Jordanas Pavtel
  • Individual activity certificate no. 592608
  • info@sevencontinents.biz
  • Taikos Street 7, Vilnius, Lithuania