Where to start your transformation path?

Hello friends, we often feel great imbalances, stress and fatigue in our lives from the established routine. We thought it would be good to change something, but we don’t know exactly what and how. And here, as deliberately, air sellers emerge from somewhere who are very ingeniously able to sell us a magic pill, a technique, a secret…

Only they all, as agreed, do not tell you one important thing. If you do nothing yourself and do not change yourself fundamentally, in the long run everything will remain the same or even turn towards degradation.

I believe that everyone can find strength in themselves and change in their life what they do not like and cause a feeling of dissatisfaction. The most important thing is to understand for yourself, and what does not really give us the balance and harmony of that life.

Friends, below I have given you a short rubber session and attached a life balance circle file. If you do everything sincerely and correctly, I think it will be a great map in which direction you need to go. The most important thing is to never stop and give up.


I recommend doing it alone and in no hurry, but to do everything from the first time. If you do it a few times, the effect will not be as good. In answering these questions, you need to capture in writing your first thoughts, not the ones that will come later. If you don’t, it could be that you will lose a lot of time and try to realize someone else’s imposed dreams and goals again.

If you do everything as I recommend you, I think you will be able to bring clarity to your life and understand how to proceed with you. What a key step you need to take on the path of your life in the near future. After a day, maybe an hour.

We will make a life balance circle with you. To do this, you will need silence, turned off phones and other devices that may distract us. Pen and what to write on. Better A4 format. Where we will write down all our thoughts that came up during the session. In this way, we will discover the most correct steps you need to take in order to enter a new, higher standard of living and reveal yourself to the maximum possible in a better version of yourself.

Coaching session

There are often large imbalances in our lives. Someone is very immersed in business and doesn’t notice that other areas are starting to suffer. Someone sleeps badly because of that, someone starts eating at Macdonald, comes home, and the wife is no longer there, after being heavily immersed in the business.

If we do not have the balance, we will suffer and suffer. That will lead us to great disappointment.

We will now look at the 8 main areas of life. And they all have the same level of importance in our lives. If one of them is significantly weaker, then you will be dissatisfied with life. You can make really big money and you may not have real friends. And the man will be unhappy.

So we have a circle divided into 8 parts. Those parts are numbered from 1 to 10 points. And now I will ask you questions. On how much you are happy in your areas of life from 1 to 10 points.

Area 1: Career, Business and Professional Growth.

From 1 to 10 points. Where 1 is total dissatisfaction and 10 is the ideal situation. Where is your satisfaction in this area? career, business and professional growth, it’s not money. It’s on how much you meet your professional skills. On how much you are satisfied with the activities you engage in. And the job you do.

Area 2: Finance and Investment.

Area 3: Recreation, Hobbies and Travel.

Area 4: Physical environment and material values.

It can be your house, car, phone, clothes.

Area 5: personal growth, spiritual development.

Area 6: Friends and relationships with other people.

Area 7: Family.

Area 8: Health.

Thank you for doing this. And now open this circle. And I have a question for you. When you look at your circle, what opens up to you? In what areas of life do you need to make an effort first? Record the answers in writing.

From myself, I can say if there are less than 8 points, then all those areas require improvement.

Now the main question. What area needs to be improved first? Capture it. And answer yourself honestly, why is this important to you? It is this area. Now I will ask you a question to answer in a minute. And capture the first thought right away. To increase your satisfaction with at least one point in this area, what steps do you need to take? Capture.

All the answers are in our minds. And we know exactly what we need to do to increase that area by at least one point.

Next question. How will you understand that you have reached the next level? Capture.

Now, perhaps the most important issue throughout the caucasian session. To which you need to answer maximally and honestly. What can prevent you and how can you prevent yourself from moving on to the next level? Capture. You need to know the face of your enemy on paper 🙂 And here a given word to a close or authoritative person can be very helpful to us. For example, if I don’t do that by then and I promise you to pay that amount of money.

When will you take the steps you recorded? I am interested in the steps immediately after a session or during the day. The earlier you do them, the more effective your score will be.

And I have bad news for you. If you do nothing during the day, there is a very good chance that you will not do anything. Everything will remain so. Probably our brains now explain to us that today is our cat’s birthday, we are very busy and better to postpone everything to a later time… 🙂 It is a total illusion, self-deception and we will do nothing tomorrow. You need to take the first step after the session. Capture it now.

And now decide what needs to change in your agenda to improve your quality of life? A small step, but every day. Capture it.

I want to thank you for taking the time and passing this coaching session. I am sure you did everything right and sincerely. And I’m so glad I was able to help you figure out how to proceed. Now you have a great map so you don’t get lost on the path of your life.

With best wishes, founder of the international sellers club Seven Continents, a loving husband and dad, a practice of personal transformation, a man who found the meaning of life in the transformation of himself and the environment, Jordan Pavtel.