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Arjan is a vibrant residential community in Dubai that offers modern amenities and a comfortable lifestyle. The area is well known for its stunning architecture, beautiful landscapes, and excellent connectivity to major parts of the city. Arjan is a relatively new area that was developed by Dubai Holding, and it is located near the popular Dubailand area.

Residential complexes in the district

Starting price: $164 170; Minimum area: 35m2Number of bedrooms: 1; When booking: 20%; Delivery Date: 12.2024; Location: Arjan – Dubailand; Property type: Palatial Studio / Lavish 1 BHK / Imperial 1 BHK / Royal 2 BHK; Project: Dolce Vita; Developer: Vincitore Development

Key Facts

  • Location: Arjan is a master-planned community located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, situated along Umm Suqeim Road near Dubai Motor City and Arabian Ranches.
  • Size: The area covers an area of approximately 2.3 million square meters and is divided into several sub-communities.
  • Accessibility: Arjan is well-connected to other parts of Dubai via major roads, including Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, and is also accessible via public transportation.
  • Architecture: Arjan features a mix of residential and commercial properties, with several apartment buildings and townhouses designed in a contemporary style.
  • Attractions: The area offers a range of attractions and entertainment options, including several parks, cafes, restaurants, and shops, and is also close to prominent tourist destinations.
  • Real estate: Arjan offers a range of residential properties, including apartments and townhouses, with world-class amenities and services, making it a popular area for families and young professionals.
  • Community living: Arjan is designed to be a community-centric area, with a focus on promoting social interaction and community living among its residents, with several parks, open spaces, and community facilities.
  • Culture and history: Arjan is rich in culture and history, with several heritage sites, museums, and galleries showcasing the city’s traditional and modern art and architecture.
  • Education: Arjan is home to several renowned educational institutions, including schools, universities, and training centers, making it a popular area for families.

Buying Real Estate in the area

Arjan is a rapidly growing area that offers excellent investment opportunities. The area is located near the Dubailand area, which is a major tourist destination. Arjan also offers modern amenities, excellent connectivity, and a comfortable lifestyle.

Some of the popular areas for buying property in Arjan include Lincoln Park, Vincitore Palacio, and La Fontana Di Trevi.

The average price for a one-bedroom apartment in Arjan is around AED 400,000, while a two-bedroom apartment costs around AED 600,000. Townhouses in the area range from AED 1.4 million to AED 2.2 million, while villas can cost up to AED 10 million.

Arjan is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years, with several new projects planned for the area. Some of the upcoming projects include the Arjan Canal Walk, which is a waterfront development that will feature shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Rental Trends and Prices

Arjan is known for its affordable property options, which also extend to the rental market. Rental prices in the area are reasonable compared to other parts of Dubai. The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment is AED 45,000 per year, while a two-bedroom apartment can be rented for AED 70,000 per year. The average rental price for a three-bedroom villa is AED 115,000 per year. The best areas for renting in Arjan are the ones located close to the main road, which offer easy access to transportation and amenities.

Rental trends in Arjan are expected to remain stable in the near future. The demand for affordable housing options is likely to continue, making Arjan an attractive option for renters.

Transportation Availability

Arjan is well-connected to the rest of Dubai through major road networks like Al Khail Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. The area is also served by several bus routes, making it easy for residents to commute to other parts of the city. The upcoming Dubai Metro line extension, which will connect the area to the Expo 2020 site, is expected to further enhance transportation connectivity.

Arjan is located at a convenient distance from major landmarks and attractions, with Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden being some of the most popular attractions in the area.

Amenities, Schools, and Healthcare

Arjan offers a range of amenities for its residents, including supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets. The area is also home to several educational institutions, including GEMS World Academy, which is a popular international school.

Healthcare facilities in the area include clinics and pharmacies, with several hospitals located in nearby areas like Al Barsha and Dubai Motor City.

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife

Arjan is home to several shopping destinations, dining options, and entertainment venues. One of the popular shopping centers in the area is the My City Center Al Barsha, which is only a few minutes’ drive from Arjan. It has a wide range of retail stores, including fashion, electronics, and home decor. Another shopping center worth mentioning is the Mall of the Emirates, which is one of the largest malls in Dubai.

When it comes to dining, Arjan has several options to choose from. The area has a mix of international and local cuisine, and visitors can explore different dining options that suit their tastes. Some popular dining options include Gazebo Restaurant, Pizza Express, KFC, and many more.

Nightlife options in Arjan are somewhat limited, but visitors can explore nearby areas such as Jumeirah and Downtown Dubai, which offer a vibrant nightlife scene.

Beaches Near the area

Arjan is located near some of the most beautiful beaches in Dubai. The most popular beaches near Arjan are the Jumeirah Beach and the Kite Beach. These beaches are only a short drive away from the area and offer visitors a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.

Jumeirah Beach is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand, and stunning views of the Burj Al Arab. The beach has several amenities, including shower facilities, changing rooms, and beachside cafes. Kite Beach, on the other hand, is a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts and offers activities such as kite surfing and paddleboarding.

Leisure Activities and Notable Landmarks

Arjan is located near some of Dubai’s most notable landmarks and attractions. One of the must-visit landmarks is the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. Visitors can take a tour of the building or enjoy the breathtaking views of Dubai from its observation deck.

Another notable attraction is the Dubai Miracle Garden, which is the world’s largest flower garden. The garden has more than 45 million flowers, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful floral displays in various shapes and designs.

In terms of leisure activities, Arjan offers residents and visitors plenty of options to choose from. The area has several parks and green spaces, including the Dubai Miracle Garden, which is perfect for a relaxing picnic or a walk. There are also several sports facilities and fitness centers in the area, including Fitness First, which offers a wide range of workout classes and facilities. Beauty and wellness services are also available in the area, with many salons and spas offering various treatments and services.

Outdoor Activities, Fitness, and Beauty

Arjan offers a range of options for fitness enthusiasts, including gyms and fitness centers like Fitness First and Ignite Fitness & Wellness. The area also boasts outdoor sports facilities like the Dubai Autodrome Kartdrome, an indoor soccer arena, and a skate park.

Residents can also indulge in beauty and wellness services at numerous spas and salons, including the Dreamworks Spa and Tips and Toes. The community has several green spaces, parks, and walking tracks, making it an ideal location for outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, and picnicking.

Nearby Communities

Arjan is well-connected to several other communities in Dubai, making it a popular choice for those looking for a convenient location. The area is close to Dubai Sports City, Motor City, and Dubai Hills Estate, all of which offer their own unique attractions and amenities.

Transportation in and around Arjan is convenient, with several bus routes and taxis available. The community is also close to the Al Barsha and Dubai Miracle Garden metro stations.


Arjan offers a diverse range of properties, making it an attractive option for investors and residents alike. The area’s convenient location, connectivity, and range of amenities make it a popular choice for those looking for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

With numerous green spaces, parks, and outdoor activities available, Arjan is an ideal location for families and fitness enthusiasts. The area’s proximity to major landmarks, attractions, and nearby communities makes it an excellent investment opportunity. Overall, Arjan is a thriving community that offers a unique blend of modern living and natural beauty.

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