Croatia – Montenegro – Albania (Flight from Vilnius with AirBaltic) In lithuanian!

8 Days

Dubrovnik is like a fairy-tale kingdom. To defend itself against enemies, the city was surrounded by thick defensive walls, which have remained almost unchanged to this day. The Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods have left their mark on the city’s architecture. The city is alive with children playing by the fortifications, clothes drying in the narrow streets and old people leisurely fishing.

The city regularly becomes a setting for films: it is a medieval city, part of fantastic, fictional worlds.

The Bay of Kotor is the most picturesque corner of Montenegro. You’ll get to know quaint Mediterranean towns. Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the city with perhaps the best preserved medieval old town in this part of Europe. The city has been ruled by different empires, but the most influential architectural influence was the Venetian Republic, which ruled Kotor from the 15th to the 17th century.
Perast was founded by the Illyrians, who lived here before the Slavs. It is a museum city that flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries. Mansions and churches are built in the Venetian Baroque style. Perast offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the entire Bay of Kotor.

Tivat is a modern city with an excellent waterfront. In Porto Montenegro, one of the suburbs, you can admire snow-white yachts from the smallest to the largest suites. There’s no other place like it on the Adriatic coast.

The tour starts on the Budva-Cetine mountain road. From the lookout point you can see every town on the Budva Riviera. Once you arrive in Cetina, you will enter a different climate zone, as the town is situated 900 m above sea level. You won’t be bothered by the heat and tourist traffic. This town is the cultural capital of Montenegro. During your visit, you will learn about the history of a once small but great principality nestled in the mountains.

Cetinje is a town nestled at the foot of the mountains. If you wish, you can visit the King Nicolas Museum (entrance tickets paid by the travellers themselves), where the interior of the royal palace is preserved, with furniture, utensils, paintings, personal belongings of the kings, gifts from other European monarchs, etc. In Cetine, we will also visit the St. Peter’s Orthodox Monastery, which houses a priceless relic – the monastery of St. Nicolas. The relic of the right hand of St John the Baptist.

We continue our excursion and climb even higher into the mountains to the town of Negussi. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and the unique panorama of the town. Considered the cradle of the Montenegrin monarchs, this town is today known as the capital of delicacies.

In your free time, you will have the opportunity to sample locally produced delicacies, as well as wine and rakija (extra charge).

Northern Montenegro is a land of high mountains, clear rivers and steep gorges.

The Morača River Canyon is deep and rocky, with boulders hanging overhead. The Taro valley is smoother and greener, although the mountains are higher. It is the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world. It is the site of the famous Djurdjevic Bridge, also known as the King of Bridges (172 m high). It offers magnificent views of the river valley. The river water is so clear that it is known as the water tear. Along the way, you can admire the monasteries with their ancient frescoes and the relic forests. The riverside restaurants will offer you freshly fried trout and other national specialities.

At the end of the journey you will reach Durmitor National Park. This is a corner of untouched human nature. The main attraction is the Black Lake. It consists of two small lakes connected by a small river, which is why locals often refer to it as “the eye of the mountain”. Walking around the park, it’s hard to believe you’re 1 500 metres above sea level.

Shkodra is the oldest city, founded in the 6th century. It is the oldest city in the world. It has 120 000 inhabitants and is considered the third largest city in Albania. We will visit the Rozafa Fortress, which was built in the 4th century. It is one of the two largest fortresses in Albania. We will also visit the Roman Catholic Church of St Stephen. We will visit the mask factory, where about 20 000 masks are produced per year and 80% of them are exported to Venice. We will walk through the narrow streets of the city, lined with 2-3 storey 18th century houses. After exploring the houses of worship, we will realise that Muslims, Provoslavs and Catholics get along well in Albania.

We head to Kruja. It is a medieval town built 600 m above sea level. It was here that the battles against the Ottoman Empire were fought and the legendary Albanian hero Skander Beg was born.

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Trip Facts

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7 nights in apartaments

Plugs & Adapters

As a traveller from USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa you will need an adaptor for types C, E, F.

Type C Montenegro

Type E Montenegro

Type F Montenegro


  • Airfare: Vilnius - Dubrovnik - Vilnius (AirBaltic).
  • Checked baggage up to 23 kg (100x50x80cm)
  • Hand luggage (55x40x23cm)+ personal bag (30x40x10cm) = up to 8 kg
  • 7 nights accommodation in apartments on the Budva Riviera (double rooms)
  • Arrangement of travel documents
  • Trip leader services
  • Space on the bus


  • Excursion "Kotor Bay"
  • Excursion "Tour of Montenegro"
  • Excursion "Canyons + Durmitor National Park" (entrance ticket ~3 €/person paid by the traveller)
  • Excursion in Dubrovnik
  • Shuttle service
  • Excursion to Albania 50€
  • Excursion to Lake Skadar + ~4€ National Park fee 25€
  • If you are travelling alone, there will be an additional charge of €140 per room
  • Lunch on the day of the excursion at Lake Skadar (payable at the time of the trip) 10€
  • Accommodation in 4* Adok apartments (from 2 to 5 persons) - from 300 € per room
  • If you are travelling alone, an additional charge of € 400 per person per room will apply for 4* Adok apartments.
  • Accommodation in 4* GRAND PALAZZO apartment (2 to 3 persons) from 100 €/person.
  • If you are travelling alone, you will be charged an additional fee of 280 € per person for a room in a 4* GRAND PALAZZO apartment.
  • Accommodation in 4* Hotel Premier with breakfast from 150 €/person.
  • Accommodation in 3* K5 apartment (2 to 3 persons) - from 100 €/person.
  • If you are travelling alone, there will be an extra charge of 150 €/person for a room in a 3* K5 apartment.
  • Tourist tax in Montenegro - 1,5 €/person/day. Children aged 2-11 years inclusive - 1 €/person per day. Children under 2 years - free
  • Entrance tickets to the attractions.



The number of places available for a trip without a tour package is limited! Contact the tour operator’s office
The tour leader (accompanying you during the whole trip) and the guide provide information in Russian!
For exact information with departure time and place, please visit the “Departures” section of our website 1-2 days before the start of the trip
The tour leader can change the programme
The tour is organised on scheduled flights, so due to the cost of air tickets, the organiser may refuse the booking or offer the traveller a surcharge. If the traveller does not accept the airfare surcharge, a refund will be given.
Whether or not you have free time depends on the absence of unforeseen situations, traffic jams and other deviations from the schedule
“Ryanair and Wizz Air do not seat passengers next to each other for free. There is a charge for this service, please ask your manager for the cost of this service.


These are only indications, so please visit your doctor before you travel to be 100% sure.
Hepatitis A – Recommended for Montenegro. Ideally 2 weeks before travel.
Hepatitis B – Recommended for Montenegro. Ideally 2 months before travel.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1 :

- Meet at Vilnius Airport.
- Check-in for your flight.
- Flight Vilnius - Dubrovnik.
- Arrival in Croatia.
- City tour of Dubrovnik.
- Proceed to Montenegro (~100 km).
- Arrive at the apartments in the Budva Riviera region.
- Check-in at the apartment.
- Rest.
- Overnight in the apartment.

Day 2 :

- Relax by the sea.
- In the second half of the day, we offer a sightseeing excursion to the Bay of Kotor.
- Free time.
- After the excursion, return to the apartment.
- Relaxation.
- Overnight in the apartment.

Day 3 :

- Relax by the sea.
- In the second half of the day, take a sightseeing excursion "Tour of Montenegro".
- Free time.
- After the tour, return to the apartment.
- Rest.
- Overnight in the apartment.

Day 4 :

- Excursion to the canyons and Durmitor National Park (entrance ticket ~ €3, payable by the traveller).
- Free time.
- After the tour we return to the apartment.
- Rest.
- Overnight in the apartment.

Day 5 :

- Free day.
- Overnight in apartment.

Day 6 :

- Relax by the sea.
- For those who wish, we offer a sightseeing trip to Albania (extra charge 50 €/person).
- Free time in the old oriental market of the 17th century (only for those going to Albania).
- Return to your apartment.
- Rest.
- Overnight in the apartment.

Day 7 :

- Relax by the sea.
- In the second half of the day, we offer a sightseeing excursion to Lake Skadar and a boat trip (additional fee - 25 € + National Park fee ~4 €).
- We offer lunch (additional fee - 10 €)
- Back to the apartment.
- Relaxation.
- Overnight in the apartment.

Day 8 :

- Check-out in the morning.
- Depart for Croatia.
- We head to the airport.
- Check-in.
- Flight from Dubrovnik to Vilnius.
- Vilnius Arrival.

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Croatia – Montenegro – Albania (Flight from Vilnius with AirBaltic) In lithuanian!
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